British Bai Jiu


Penderyn British Bai Jiu


I don’t like baijiu.  Cheap, expensive, in between.  I just can’t stomach it.  Apparently, there are different styles and different crafting methods, but to me, they all smell and taste the same.

That’s where Penderyn British Bai jiu is a game changer.  It’s a full-on distilled grain-based liquor that comes in at 53% abv but goes down smoother than most 40% vodkas.  Even at room temperature, this is perfectly drinkable.  If 53% is a bit much, then this is a really kicking cocktail base for when you want something with a bit more to it than an alcopop.


SKU: HDMA19896 ABV: 53%Colour: ClearCountry: Style: Volume: 700ml