Sip n Sip Gold


Sip n Sip Gold Tequila


Sip n Sip Gold Tequila is a real dark horse in the tequila world.  Normally, cheap tequila is bad tequila.  So bad it either has to go into a cocktail, or served with lime and salt to confuse your tastebuds long enough to be able to swallow it.  But then there’s Sip N Sip.  Surprisingly drinkable neat, as a shooter, or also in a cocktail.

We’ve been working with the brand here in China for a while and we have nothing but big things to say about the team behind this product, and it’s clear alternative, Sip n Sip Silver Tequila.


SKU: HDMA19595 ABV: 38%Colour: GoldCountry: Enjoy With: In a cocktailStyle: Volume: 750ml