Irish Revolver Cocktai

¥257.76 ¥231.98

Irish Revolver Cocktail Bundle

¥257.76 ¥231.98


The Irish Revolver Cocktail is our own Liquor Town spin on The Revolver Cocktail from San Francisco.  It was created by bartender Jon Santer around 2003.  It was originally made with the rye-heavy Bulleit Bourbon, which has a spicy spark that was accented with orange bitters and buffered by a dose of rich coffee liqueur.

Our Irish Revolver Cocktail Bundle includes one bottle of  Jameson and one bottle of Kahlua Coffee Liqueur. 10% off when you buy them both together – ¥231.98 instead of ¥257.76!

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ABV: , , Volume: 200ml, 700ml, 750mlStyle: Cocktail Bundle